The Benefits of Massage

Massage has many physical and overall benefits to a persons overall health. Recent studies have shown that during massage, large amounts of endorphins are released into the bloodstream. These endorphins enhance the immune system, relieve pain, reduce stress, and slow down the ageing process.

It can help :

  • eliminate anxiety and depression
  • improve sleep
  • relieve stress,
  • relieve tired achy muscles
  • stimulate the lymph flow to enhance immunity
  • increase joint mobility
  • relax and soften injured tired over used muscles

I am qualified in many different massage techniques. After an in-depth consultation, I will tailor the best massage to suit your needs i.e. deep, relaxing, gentle  so you will receive the maximum benefit.

Full Body Massage

This is a wonderful massage to relieve tension throughout the whole body, using a blend of essential oils and relaxing body massage strokes working from the toes upwards to the back. It will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, soothing away the everyday stresses of life.

60 mins  |  £40

Back Massage

Most people suffer with back problems at some point in there life.  Having a regular back massage can help to free up and loosen tired achy muscles and relieve stress.

30 mins  |  £25
An image of a lady receiving a full body massage by Vicki Hooper Beautician

Lava Shell Massage

The Lava Shell Massage is offered in many of the world’s top spas. Tiger striped clam shells heat up internally due to a patented combination of natural minerals and water. They are massaged over the body for a seamless massage of heat and touch,  providing comforting warmth whilst easing any muscle aches and pains offering a deeply therapeutic treatment.

The radiating heat from the shells releases tension, and leaves you feeling instantly stress free, relaxed and rejuvenated.


Full Body Lava Shell Massage

The Lava Shell Massage is truly pampering, combining the warmth of clam shells with deep relaxing massage techniques, to create a sense of balance for your entire body and mind.

During the treatment, the shells are worked over the palm of the hands, arms, legs, feet,  back, neck and shoulders in slow deep moves to warm, de-stress and ease away tension, knots, aches and pains.

60 mins  |  £50
90 mins  |  £75

Lava Shell Back Massage

If you haven’t got time for the full Lava Shell experience, why not try a 30 minute relaxing Lava Shell back massage and allow the shells to send you into a sense of relaxation easing away your tired achy muscles.

30 mins  |  £35