Spray Tanning

St Tropez Spray Tanning

Spray tans are the safe and easy way to achieve the ultimate sun-bronzed glow of a suntan. They ensure a perfectly even, custom blended, streak-free tan which develops within a few hours of application.

With more awareness of the damaging effects of the sun, more and more people are turning to spray tanning to get the bronzed look.

I offer air brush spray tanning, where spray tan is applied to your skin using a air brush spray gun. I use St Tropez with its unique formulation (100% natural tanning agent). It offers a natural streak and blotch free tan and can be custom blended to suit every skin tone to give you the ultimate tan.

Full body spray tan
20 mins  |  £20

If you require anything other than a full body spray tan please contact me to discuss your requirements.

A colour image of the tanned legs and feet of a person lying on a beach after receiving spray tanning by Vicki Hooper Beauty - Grayshott & Headley Down

Before your spray tan please:

  • Exfoliate your whole body, paying particular attention to rough and dry areas such as elbows, knees and ankles. This is the best done the night before or the morning of your tan.
  • Wax or shave at least 24 hours before the day of your tan.
  • Don’t apply moisturiser as this will reduce the effects of the spray tan.
  • Don’t wear deodorant, makeup, jewellery or other beauty products
  • Wear suitable clothing for tanning, a bikini for women and dark shorts /swimmers for men.

After your spray tan:

  • Wear baggy clothes and loose shoes (flip flops are perfect) after you’ve been covered in your tanning product to prevent it rubbing off.
  • Don’t wet your skin for at least 5 hours after the tanning session. I recommend showering the following morning.
  • Don’t worry if some of the bronzer washers off as this is part of the tanning process.
  • Don’t exercise and perspire excessively between tanning and showering.

 Remember: Always wear suncream when you have a spray tan as your skin will not be protected from the sun.